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About the Silly Summerstakes

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Mrs. Miller, Mr. Schu, Ms. Grygienc, and Ms. Hockenberry want to see where you READ and WRITE during summer vacation. It is easy to participate.


1Locate a book, iPad, e-reader, computer, or notebook.   


2. Snap a photograph of yourself reading or writing in the silliest or most unusual place.  


3. Ask permission to email the photograph to Mrs. Miller (shannon.miller@vmbulldogs.com) or Mr. Schu (jschumacher@butler53.com). By emailing the photograph, you grant the library permission to post  it on this wiki. If you would not like it posted, bring the photograph to the Library Media Center when you come back to school in the fall.


4. Prizes will be given to the four most unusual photographs. 


5. Thank you for participating in this fun project! Happy Reading! 



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