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Where Van Meter and Brook Forest Read and Wrote this Summer

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Picture 1


Picture 2


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Picture 11


Picture 12


Picture 13




Picture 14


Picture 15



Picture 16


Picture 17


Picture 18


Picture 19


Picture 20


Picture 20



Picture 21


Picture 22


Picture 23


Picture 24


Picture 25


Picture 26


Picture 27


Picture 28



Picture 29


Picture 30









Picture 31

Mrs. Miller and Eric Wight are reading Frankie Pickle and the Mathematical Menace. 


Picture 32



Picture 33


An awesome fourth grader submitted this photo. 


Picture 34

Frankie Pickle rocks!


Picture 35

This is the first entry. Thank you! :)


Picture 36


 Mrs. Cordell likes to read in her canoe.  


Picture 37


A brother and sister read at the zoo.


Picture 38


Squish is the perfect summer read.



Picture 39


Mrs. Miller enjoys Frankie Pickle. 

Mr. Schu doesn't let rain get in his way. 





Watch Where Mr. Schu Read Last Summer 



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